Hakata Illuminated (part one)

When I returned to Fukuoka, I spent one more week in Sharely Style Hakata (Sharely for short). I was incredibly glad to be back, because after 3 weeks of ‘alone adventures’ I really needed some company. I’d stayed in this share house twice before, so returning there was only natural. I spent a great time with the remaining people I knew there. I also got to know a few new people, but I have to admit that I missed that group of friends from back in August/September. These new people had a different ‘vibe’, I don’t know how else I should explain. They were kind, but they were loud. Most of us (the remaining ones from the ‘old group’) were people who like good company but prefer a quiet atmosphere.

Especially the Korean guys were good company in this last week. One of the first days, I was cooking and asked one of the guys, Im, to borrow some rice, since I wasn’t going to purchase any for just one week. He said: “Sure, I’ll share… If you share your food too!” And that how we ended up having lunch and dinner together every day, combining our cooking skills (ahem… bad skills are skills as well, right?) Some days others joined so we had even more dished to combine. This reminds me of a quote from the drama Kuitan (食いタン):

Delicious food becomes even better when eaten with good company.

The last week was nothing special, just good times with nice people at the share house. We went out just once, for this event called “Hakata Akihaku” (博多秋博). Temples were lit up and the temple grounds and streets in between were adorned by colourful paper lanterns. Together with my Flemish friend Karolien and two Korean guys, I walked around the Hakata district all in awe. With the temples lit up and the paper lanterns, the whole district had a completely different atmosphere, almost like another world.

The photos in this post weren’t all taken by me. Kim, one of the Koreans, looked at me with a face saying “I wish I could take photos like here too”, so I lent him my camera for the evening, giving him hints from time to time on how to take better pictures (not that I think my pictures are great ;)). So half of the following are my own, half are Kim’s. Of some pictures I have absolutely no clue which of us took them, so he didn’t do that bad in my opinion. ^^

Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku Hakata Akihaku


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