October (back in Belgium): part two

When I returned to Belgium, I was really happy to see our dog again. At the time I left for Japan, he was ill, had rashes everywhere and due to that he had lost a lot of his fur. While I was away, he had gone through a second surgery (something with his meniscus) and he has been in rehab up to last Friday. For three months after the surgery he had to stay in an enclosed part of a few square meters in the house, and after that another three months that he couldn’t go outside without a leash. Last Friday he could finally run free again, he was terribly confused but in the end enjoyed his regained freedom. 😉 Here he is, still passing his days in his ‘cage’ of a few square meters:


Though we don’t have many trees turning red in autumn, across the street there’s these two trees that turn reds in gradient. While the left one has turned red almost completely (with a bit of yellow at the bottom), its neighbour has only started changing colours at the top, with the middle part left yellow and the bottom still bearing its green leaves. It goes on like that, layer by layer, every year. A very intriguing phenomenon to witness…

Autumn leaves

The one thing I really really wanted to eat when I returned was of course chocolate. Or rather, the chocolate cake I’d been craving for over two months but couldn’t bake because Japan lacks ovens for some reason… Since I obviously can’t eat a whole cake on my own, I took half of it to my sister’s and had a little ‘party’ with her and her two kids. She had a few of those fireworks thingies lying around, and decided to put them on the cake. 😀

Party? Party?

From my bedroom window, I have the best view for sunrises. Due to being a little jet lagged, I was always up before sunrise so I took pictures of them nearly every day. Here are a few of the best:

October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise October Sunrise

I think being able to see the sunrise every morning is a great thing. They’re different every morning (unless it’s overcast, of course), with different shades, gradients and cloud formations. I also believe it’s a great thing because every morning we see a sunrise is another morning we can be grateful we woke up, another morning that could be the start of something new, another chance. (This last statement sounds a bit dramatic, but why not?)


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