Cancelled concert

In December, a few foreign friends were coming over for the concert of a Japanese rock band. My friends would arrive on Thursday, but on Monday we got the news that the concert of one of our favourite bands was cancelled. ONE OK ROCK cancelled just one concert out of their Europe tour. Unbelievable! They didn’t notify us personally, we had to find out through the event’s facebook page. I’m quite sure many people actually went to the concert hall to only find out about it then. Several people would fly over from all over Europe just for the concert it seemed…

In the end, my friends came to Belgium, since it would be a waste of the tickets and because we’d have a fun time anyway. For most of the long weekend we stayed at home, chatted, watched TV, … On Saturday we went to a Food Truck Festival as well.

On Sunday, we had two hours to spare between each departure, so we decided to spend our day in Brussels. The first to leave was Helen, our friend from across the Channel. We accompanied her to the station, where she took the Eurostar back to London.

After that, the remaining three took a train to the city centre, where we had kebab for lunch. We walked around the city for a bit and then it was time to see off Anna. We walked back to the central station and saw her off on the platform of the train that took her to the airport. Off she went, back home to Sweden.

Since Helen and Katharina, our last friend remaining, visited Belgium a few years ago already, we didn’t really bother going back for sightseeing and decided to spend our time at Starbucks before she had to leave for Germany again.

It was a fun weekend, too bad about the cancellation! Last week, we finally got news about a new date for the concert, but since they’ll perform on a Sunday next time, neither of my friends would be able to make it here… and I won’t be in Belgium at that time anyway. 😉

Here are just a few picture I took during our visit to Brussels. It was raining the whole day, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures.

Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium


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