First food truck festival for Baasrode


A few weeks ago, Baasrode organised its first food truck festival. Though we had a lot of ‘complaints’, it was good for a first time. There were several special foods to try. They were all delicious and the food truck people were friendly. The music was too loud; it was supposed to be background music but the volume was more that of a party so we could barely hear each other.

They had invited beginning folk band Sons of Sirius, but due to ‘insufficient funds’ there was no stage (nor anything that was supposed to pass for one) and the poor guys had only one mic. On top of that, the sound technician didn’t even bother properly tuning their sound. This being the band’s very first public performance, they were disappointed.

Another problem was that any event in this village has just one main goal: drinking. That’s all the inhabitants of this place care about. I mean, I don’t mind that people like drinking, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of an event. My mom and I don’t drink (neither do my siblings) so we were rather annoyed. The actual attraction of a food truck festival is the food, no? For them, it was just food to accompany their beers and wines. (okay, this one point might be an exaggeration due to my ‘no-alcohol’ point of view, but still)

In any case, they choices of food trucks were a good thing. There was a lot to choose from, there was normal food, there was special food. There were things we’d never heard of. The trucks were from close by or from far away (one was even from the Netherlands).

The first thing we tried was called Kempbab, a merge of the word Kempen (a region of Belgium) and kebab. It was kebab meat with a special mix of spices, on a stick. Surprisingly good, but unfortunately it cooled too quickly.


After that, we first bought diner form my sister who had to cancel last minute. After sending her some pictures of the available menus, she chose a vegetarian hot dog from this place called Copper Dog. A wholegrain bun with tofu sausage, lots of vegetables, a special sauce and sesame seeds.

March March

By the time we returned from the home delivery, the folk band was about to start their performance. The group of three looked more like street performers than a folk band. No stage, just one mic. But hey, they were great! They played many well-known folk songs and I’m sure the audience liked it. Though I wanted to watch the whole thing and take pictures and video, my mom insisted we went to buy food for ourselves. There was a huge line (… okay about 7 people) and by the time we finally got our food… the performance was over! So here it is, that one picture I managed to take before my mom took me away to the food.


The food truck where we were queuing during the performance had several delicious sounding croque monsieurs. I chose a tostini (a grilled panini) with Brie cheese, rucola, walnuts and honey, while my mom had one with smoked chicken, cheese and pesto.

March March

The owners being Dutch, they called them tostis… that’s one example of the many differences between Flemish and Dutch. 😉 The funny thing is: they change their sign according to their location, meaning they use the ‘croque’ sign in Belgium and the ‘tosti’ sign in Netherlands.


It made me really happy to see the food truck spread love through its design, with decorations like these:

March March

Our last stop was a bio pancake truck. Hmm, maybe I should call them crepes, to avoid confusion. They sold both sweet and savoury ones, so my mom choose a savoury one with spinach and curry while I had a plain sugar one (because I think that’s still the best way to eat them).

March March March


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