Time for Heroes

Last Saturday, the band I wrote about in my previous post had their second performance at an event called Time for Heroes, and I have to say: they were incredible! It was only their second performance, yet the audience was more than enthusiastic and the atmosphere was very lively. Bringing a genre not too many people listen to, yet vaguely familiar to most, they got the audience singing, clapping and dancing in no time!

A description of a music performance is a little useless unless you can see/hear it for yourself, right? So, check them out below! I’m sure you’ll like these talented guys as much as we do. 😉

As they were about to finish, the audience clapped and shouted for an encore…

At the event these guys performed, we saw two more young talents. Calling themselves The Little Trousers, they brought a mix of covers of popular songs, both modern as older ones. Be sure to check them out as well:

They kindly dedicated their last song to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Brussels last Tuesday.

These guys don’t have a facebook page (yet), but the other band they play in as well does. You can find Lesco on facebook here.


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