Asian food in Brussels

Whenever I go to Brussels I seem to always end up at some Asian restaurant. In the past month I’ve been to Brussels three times and had Asian food every time.

The first time was Japanese. I wanted to let my friend try the restaurant I’ve been to several times before, so we went to the district of Ixelles for a lunch at Kokuban. My friend is vegetarian so her choice was a bit limited, but after going over the menu a few times she found something she wanted to try. She had udon while I chose cold soba. We both went for a ramune to go along with it and ordered some edamame for starters. I quickly finished my soba, but was still hungry so I ordered some gyoza too. After finishing our meal, we stopped by at the little Japanese supermarket around the corner for a drink and dessert (which is of course way cheaper at the supermarket than at the restaurant).

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My next visit to Brussels brought us to the Korean place I frequently eat at. My friend had never tried Korean, and since I’m always happy to have my friends try Asian food I suggested Chez Kimchi. The restaurant is located in the centre of Brussels so it’s easy to reach. When we arrived I was a bit confused, because the restaurant had moved to the Japanese restaurant next door. The interior therefore was an odd mix between Korean and Japanese decorations, and the Japanese menu was still stuck to the window as well. But, we came for Korean food, so Korean food we ordered… We both had the same Korean style noodles, which were incredibly filling and super delicious!


The third and last visit to Brussels this month was the day before yesterday. This time we met up with a friend whose parents have a Thai restaurant in the centre of Brussels. Sadly, due to the terrorist attacks last week, the restaurant was nearly empty. Usually, the crowd ranges from families with kids to famous Belgians (like astrophysicist Dirk Frimout, the first Belgian who went to space), but today it was basically just us and a small number of other brave people (hehe). Pataya offers an incredibly wide range of dishes, so the decision was a hard one. In the end, we all chose the same; the one Thai dish everyone probably knows: Pad Thai! After we left Pataya, we stopped by at 8tea5 for a bubble tea. I had my friend (who is a ‘connoisseur’ of bubble tea :P) choose for me and got a milk tea with taro flavour and tapioca bubbles. Delicious!

Asian food @ Brussels Asian food @ Brussels

Many people (and then I actually mean ‘many Belgians’) dislike or even hate Brussels. Though those people are usually the ones that barely ever set foot in Brussels. But me? I love Brussels. With so much good food to offer, such amazing building to see and so many interesting people of all nationalities to inspire you, what’s not to love about it! If you’re ever in Brussels, don’t let the negative comments ruin your visit and take the city in with all your senses. I’m sure you’ll love it too. ^^


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