Okaeri! (Welcome back!)

Karolien accompanied me to the share house and after leaving my stuff in my room, we left for Tenjin to get dinner. In the end it was neither okonomiyaki nor ramen (as I said in my post last week), but sushi. I was too tired to care about food so anything was fine. I don’t like sushi that much, but I do like Japanese rice, so yay! After our very cheap dinner, we spent some time at Kego Park, a good place for people watching. On a Tuesday though, there weren’t that many people to watch, and after the sun goes down (which is too early) it gets quite chilly so we decided to go home.


When I was done arranging all my stuff, at around half past 8, I got a message from a friend living at the same share house to come to the lounge. I’d said to Karolien that I’d go to bed early, but in the end I stayed in the lounge until half past midnight! It was great to see everyone again! ^^ Okay, not everyone is here anymore, but still it’s great that I know a few of the people still here.

I shared lots of chocolate and biscuits (speculaas), which they gladly accepted. Because Belgian sweets/snacks are the best! I heard lots of Dutch so I started talking to the people sitting next to us, and it turned out they’re a group of 28 Dutch students staying at Sharely. (I’ve been hearing way too much Dutch!) One of the girls came up with the fantastic idea of having my friends try licorice, a Dutch specialty I love. My friends’, mainly Asians, faces were priceless! “What is this?! It tastes like tires!” (I have no clue what a tire tastes like…) That was interesting! 😀

We talked a lot, though I mainly listened, because I’m back to basics when it comes to speaking Japanese. When I arrived I had problems with my bank card so I couldn’t pay the whole rent at once, and when I wanted to ask whether it’d be okay to pay the other half later, I couldn’t even remember the Japanese word for ‘pay’ (which is rather basic vocabulary). I felt (and still feel) embarrassed of how bad my speaking ability has become. Everyone used to say that my speaking ability was so good and now it’s just… Well, embarrassing. 😦 But, 頑張ります!(ganbarimasu, I’ll do my best)


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