Sakura + Nishi Park + Ichiran

The day after I arrived, I met up with Karolien again for a walk to Nishi Koen (Nishi Park), hoping I’d see some sakura (cherry blossoms) before it was too late. Luckily, the late blooming sakura was still visible, though it’s nearing its end. In fact, I like the late ones more than the usual (I think they’re called Yoshino), because these are more pink.We found most of them near Maizuru Koen and at some places in Nishi Koen. Aaah, so pretty! I only had my phone with me, so the following pictures are of less quality than what I usually post. 😉

A walk in Tenjin A walk in Tenjin

On our walk up Nishi Koen, we found this statue of what we think was an important samurai.

A walk in Tenjin

Further uphill, in front of Terumo Shrine, we found this pretty awesome helmet.

A walk in Tenjin A walk in Tenjin A walk in Tenjin A walk in Tenjin A walk in Tenjin

And then, to end the day, finally! Ichiran! In Belgium people link me to Japan, while in Japan, people link me to Ichiran. Pretty much everyone I know here, knows I love Ichiran, Fukuoka’s customizable ramen. You can choose the soup’s flavour strength, the greasiness, spiciness, toughness of the noodles, whether you want pork or not, the amount of garlic, whether you want no/the white of/the green of the spring onions etc.

A walk in Tenjin


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