Ohori Park

After a month of absence, I’m finally back! Hooray~!

At the end of April, my friend and I met up at Tenjin again and didn’t really know what to do so we ended up at Ohori Park. In all the time I’ve spent in Fukuoka, I almost never went to it’s best-known park. Ohori Park has a big pond with a sort of island in the middle, and is very popular with pretty much every kind of people; from families to joggers, students and elderly people. Everyone seems to be drawn to the park somehow. You can rent a pedalo, run around the pond on the track or pick-nick on the (very scarce in Japan) grass.

The island in the middle was our main goal, since it’s away from the crowds (both my friend and I are the type that doesn’t like people all that much). We looked for a bench that gave a good lookout on everything going on in and around the pond, so we could observe and comment on the happenings around us. We might not like people, but we do enjoy people-watching…

Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan

The people enjoying the rowing boats and pedalos were most interesting. Two young Koreans guys, for example, couldn’t get their paddling right, so they ended up going in the wrong direction the whole time. After a while, they seemed to have found a way to make it work, and rowed toward a group of four girls on pedalos. They tried in vain to get the girls’ attention, and paddled away crestfallen.

Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan Ohori Park, Fukuoka, Japan

Though the weather wasn’t the best, we still had a good day at the park!


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