Nanzoin Temple (part I)

It was the first day of May. A lot of rain had fallen the past few days, and I really needed a change of scenery, so I finally decided to go to the big reclining Buddha at Nanzoin. I’d known about it for the past 3 years, but never took the time to visit.

From Sasabaru Station, I took a train to Hakata and transferred to another one in the direction of a little countryside station called Kidonanzoin-mae. I exited the station thinking there would be an abundance of signs pointing to the ‘most sexy Buddha in Japan’, but to my surprise I found just lots of vending machines. Oh Japan!

I had to trust my (fairly good) sense of direction then. Oh look, that looks like an interesting bridge! A bridge-cum-xylophone! Yep, to the left of the station, I crossed a bridge that was designed to play music. How cool is that?

Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan

Once I got to the other side of this interactive bridge, it wasn’t too difficult to find the temple. Following the crowds (I mean those few people that didn’t look like locals) and ascending some stairs, I found myself in lush greenery: the sign of a vast temple complex.

Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan Nanzoin, Fukuoka, Japan

I walked around and tried to find the reclining Buddha. Before arriving there, I found an intriguing and picturesque tunnel… Stay put! 😉


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