Hagi’s old town

After walking along the Aiba waterway, I looked for a map to locate Hagi’s old town. It took a while to find a map, but depending on my visual memory, I walked in the direction I remember the old town to be. I walked along this very deserted main road, and realized how inaka (rural, countryside) Hagi really was. No shops were open, barely any people out… A very quite place, and, at first, a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Fukuoka city.

As I walked, I found an unclear map, so I walked on. A bit further on, a few signs showed me the way and I found myself in the old town about 10 minutes later. Unfortunately, due to the train delay, it was already getting dark, so the pictures lack flavour, but I hope you enjoy the snaps of my quick look around the old town!

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At last, I arrived at the seaside just after sunset, and also my guesthouse for the night. Sadly, I was the only guest, which was rather uncomfortable. The owner left the lights on all night, so I didn’t get much sleep. In the morning, he wasn’t around and the door was locked, which also wasn’t very pleasant. I was glad to get out of there.

When I went out to look for dinner in the evening, the owner couldn’t give any recommendations (save a few izakaya (bars)). As I was walking towards the main street, I was harassed by some guys in a car passing by, yelling at me trying to get my attention to go out with them… They drove slowly to stay next to me, but as they had to cross at the intersection, I luckily lost them at that point. I felt really unsafe and decided to just get some food at the supermarket and get back to the guesthouse immediately. All of this due to a horrible train delay… 😦

To end on a good note; Hagi is a really nice place to visit, and I do recommend a visit, but I personally wouldn’t stay there overnight next time I visit.


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