Yura aka Conan Town (part I)

She’s a big Detective Conan fan, like me, so I’d like to dedicate this post to my fluffy friend Tanja/0utofjoint from crazyth1ngs.com.

Detective Conan is a long-running manga and anime series, for about 20 years years now. I’ll try to make a long story short: High school detective Shin’ichi Kudo witnessed something he shouldn’t have seen, and was drugged by two members of the Black Organisation. The drug should have killed him, but instead he was shrunk to his 6-year old body. He escapes to his friend the professor’s house, makes up a new name for himself, and gets a ‘disguise’ (basically just old glasses) so his crush Ran Mouri can’t recognize him. The professor asks Ran to take care of ‘Conan Edogawa’, and so Conan/Shin’ichi starts living with his crush and her dad -who is a lousy detective- to try to find the identity of the guys who drugged him.
Using all kinds of gadgets, he starts doing all the work for Ran’s dad Kogoro, hoping to find clues about the Black Organisation. He knocks Kogoro out with a stun-gun watch, changes his voice with a voice-changing bowtie to Kogoro’s to solve the crimes, etc.
He also has to team up with 3 detective-obsessed kids in his class, calling themselves the Youth Detective Boys.

In Tottori, I took a side trip to a town called Yura, but goes by the name of Conan Town. As the hometown of Conan’s mangaka (manga maker), Gosho Aoyama, the place is full of references to Conan (and a few other of Aoyama’s manga). Even the station is called Conan eki (Conan Station). Statues, stone plates along the road, stone tiles in the pavement, bronze plates in the bridge, even company signs, they’re all Conan-themed and lead the way to the museum, which is a bit of a walk from the station.

Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town Conan Town


7 thoughts on “Yura aka Conan Town (part I)

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  2. I remember when I and my sis wantched its very first episode on tv, she said ‘ah detective stuff like Kindaichi (another student detective anime) again?’ But as you know it turned totally different since Shinichi turned into a little boy and started solving cases through Kogoro (I suppose that made it really interesting). After years, this is her favorite anime all time!

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    • Not really. This town is difficult to reach (it’s in the region with the least trains in Japan) so not many people want to make the journey. Some of my Japanese friends had never heard of this place, even the Conan fans. Luckily it was on my way, so I got to experience it!


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