Lazy in Tottori

Since I was expected at my next destination around 5 pm, I spent the rest of my day at Starbucks (which was apparently really new; Tottori prefecture didn’t have a Starbucks until a few months earlier), because I needed to rest my knee (part one of the knee story is here).

Before deciding going to the coffee shop, I first had breakfast at Vie de France (as I did the day before). I personally wouldn’t recommend that matcha, it didn’t taste great. I also wandered around in the Tottori station shopping area, where I found a few interesting shops, such as one selling only socks, a Godiva shop (some friends accuse me of being patriotic, since I find Belgium everywhere, and can find a connection with Belgium/Dutch for every single thing, but really I’m just proud that so many things from my tiny country are known all over the world) and of course one of those stores selling the cutest accessories.

At Starbucks I had my usual Chai Tea Latte (everything else I’ve ever tried there has led to disappointment), and I got a free sample of their new seasonal drink, which would go on sale a week or two later. Before leaving Tottori, I couldn’t help buying a bag of liquorice at the international store.

Conan at Tottori Station, Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan IMG_20160510_133155 IMG_20160510_133217 Tottori, Japan Tottori, Japan


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