Joining Anisa on an early morning walk

Anisa had a habit of going to bed early and then waking up around the same time the sun came out (which, in Japan, is around the incredibly early hour of 5 am!). She then had breakfast and prepared her lunch, and when all her preparations for the day were finished, she went for an early morning walk. Since I’m a light sleeper, I always woke up when she did, though I tried to feign I was asleep, so she would feel guilty for waking me up. I told her I would love to join her on one of her walks, since I really loved the pictures on her blog!

So the second-to-last day, she made sure I was up, fed me breakfast 🍞 (seriously, she’s 5 years younger than me, but she was like a mother and we went for an early morning walk together. It was a bit later than her usual walks, so the sun was already high up in the sky, but at least the temperatures were still bearable. 👣🐤🌲

Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan Mimasaka, Okayama, Japan

Oh, I’d like to end with a question for once… My sister complained that she didn’t want to read about stuff that happened in the past (these posts date back to May of this year), that she wanted to read about what just happened. I was wondering whether my followers feel the same. Does it matter to you that I post pictures of a few months ago? Should I just post what happened today or last week?

Honestly, to me, this blog is for sharing pictures and some of the things I experienced. And whether these things took place 5 years ago or today, that’s all the same to me. So let me know what you think, I’d love to know! 💭

6 thoughts on “Joining Anisa on an early morning walk

  1. Seems to me that when and what one posts really depends on your concept for the blog . For example…

    A photographer I follow is currently producing ‘virtual tour’ images. He does not care about narrative flow or about ‘who, where, when, why’ – one day we see something from Italy and the next from Bulgaria or whatever. He is doing a certain kind of thing with photography, but is not directly telling us a story about himself and his life.

    Another person I follow presents her photos with extensive commentary on temples and related religio-cultural activities of India. She is not directly telling us about her personal reflections or life events. Each posting portrays a temple or significant cultural event – typically with images related to regional festivals, parades, folk crafts, and text about history, mythology, poetry and so on. Again, I don’t see an intention to convey a life story there.

    On the other hand, Anisa posts material to share details her daily life – her encounters with and reflections about people, foods, townscapes, markets, recipes, friends, family, teaching and travel itself. So I think her blog is very much about a personal journey. For this reason day-by-day, current postings are a good choice.

    Anisa posts a LOT on her blog and that must take plenty of time – which you also need to factor into your thinking.

    For me, your blog is about beautiful travel imagery. You want us to see things we might overlook and things which are outside of most of our experience. You show us the weird and wonderful stuff you come across – such as the train travel sequences along the coast of Japan, or the explorations of Conan town. That being said, your intent does not seem to be to keep us current with your life as Anisa is doing.

    BTW Thanks so much for the many postings to date which you have published about Japan and Korea since I started following your blog.

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    • Hehe thanks! 😉
      The thing is that I want to post everything in chronological order, and since I’m too lazy to post when I’m in Japan, I’m always behind. AND nothing ever happens in my life in Belgium so if I’d only post those things then there would be a post about once or twice a month… 😦
      I was thinking of posting something more up-to-date once a week, but then everyone would get confused (at least I would!) so I’m not sure whether that would be a good idea…

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