Kyoto: our first WorkAway days

On Sunday, we moved to a four-person room on the first (or ground, whichever you like) floor. The room had two bunk beds, and we both chose the lower of the bunk beds. That way we ‘owned’ the floor space as well, hehehe. The first night we had the room all to ourselves, yay!

On Monday, our WorkAway experience started. Bryce, the manager, had allowed us to enjoy our first weekend without having to ‘worry’ about work. Though we never had to worry about work, because the atmosphere was great, everyone got along well, and our chores were simple and clear.

In the morning, Bryce explained the whole procedure of what we had to do in the morning; wait until the guests leave, vacuum, change sheets, clean bathrooms, hang laundry, clean kitchen, make sure all trash bins had new (or at least empty) bags, put trash outside. That was pretty much all we had to do in the morning.There weren’t many checkouts on our first day, so we finished fairly quickly. Usually, the person who had the afternoon shift did the folding of the laundry, but since we finished so early, we spent the rest of our shift folding sheets. When Bryce saw how nicely we folded, he decided to just leave it to us. He wasn’t … the best at folding nicely (which you’ll see when I get towards the end of the WorkAway, look forward to that story…).

We finished folding at 12:30, and while the morning shift actually lasted until 2, Bryce told us we were free to go. And honestly, I can’t remember what we did after that. I usually base my posts on my great memory, my photos and my posts on social media, but for this one day… there’s absolutely nothing.

I can share this picture of the Tea Bottle Family with you though:

Tea Bottle Family!

For some reason, we had 3 different sizes of the same tea brand in our room. There’s still one smaller (I think 350 ml) bottle, but that member of the family hadn’t arrived yet. 😉 This is the one picture I took that day, weird!

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