Kyoto > Fukuoka > home

On my last day in Kyoto, I was asked to teach laundry folding. Apparently I’m good at that. And, looking at the review left by my WorkAway host, that was the thing they’ll remember me for. I like doing laundry, and I spent a lot of my time on the roof of the hostel folding laundry. During our time at Peace House Sakura, there was a transition period between two managers. Our first manager, Bryce, was terrible at folding laundry, as you can see in the picture below. I’m guessing it’s pretty clear which I folded and which he and his helpers folded.  😉

So the new manager, Aroni, asked me to please teach them how to fold the sheets so neatly, since it also took up a lot let space, making it possible to actually put 3 piles on the shelf properly.

In the second and third picture, you can see our manager Aroni and the new French guy folding laundry the way I taught them. They had so much fun they even made a competition out of it, timing who could fold the fastest. Oh, how house chores can be so much fun!  😛

Last days in Japan Last days in JapanLast days in Japan

In the evening, I had to leave for the night bus to Fukuoka. I left pretty early, and good thing too, because I had almost missed my bus! On my way, I had several jolts of pain in my knee (painful enough that I couldn’t stand on my one leg anymore) and on top of that, I couldn’t help take a few night pictures of a temple. After that, of course, I had to get lost in Kyoto Station, where people couldn’t even tell me where the bus stop was located.  😦  When I finally arrived at the stop (my watch said I still had 2 minutes), there was no bus so I thought my watch was wrong and I missed my bus… Luckily, in Japan, vehicles arrive EXACTLY on time. The bus arrived a minute before the departure time, and we left exactly on the departure time. So very unimaginable in Belgium!

Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Japan Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Japan

A quick stop at Osaka Umeda Sky Building, to pick up more passengers and for those of us who desperately needed a toilet.

Last days in Japan

I arrived in Fukuoka early in the morning, where I met up with my friend Danielle (the same friend that invited me at her host family’s for some tako-less takoyaki). We went to our usual Starbucks, across from GenkiJACS previous location 3 years ago. We sat at our usual seats, overlooking the crossing outside and then she surprised me! She was staying at her previous host’s house, and ta-dam! She held up two newspaper-wrapped items. I immediately knew: the cups we made 3 years ago at a clay expo had finally been delivered! She told me her host mother receiver the cups a year ago… We had been laughing about these cups not arriving for the past 3 years! We couldn’t remember which one was whose, so I picked the one that looked most like what I would have made:

Last days in Japan

After spending a good day with Danielle, and later Karolien too, Karolien and I went back to Sharely Style. My sweet friend Ayaka was so kind to lend me her floor to sleep on for one night, but since she had to work really late, I had nowhere to go in the meantime. I spent some time in the lounge of the share house with Karolien, and afterwards we went for dinner at the shokudo with a Korean friend.

Last days in Japan

Unfortunately, a noisy group of Koreans had joined us at the shokudo, so Karolien decided to leave after dinner. I was stuck with that noisy bunch, so by the time Ayaka arrived home, I just wanted to go to bed.

Since I had to leave early, I left as quietly as possible, leaving my futon on everything nicely folded so Ayaka only had to carry it back downstairs. The poor girl had to work so many hours I couldn’t possibly wake her up to say goodbye. Maybe I should have, since we didn’t say goodbye to each other, but I still hope she understood I didn’t want to wake her. Ayaka, if you read this, thank you so much for letting me use your room!

Off to the airport! During the train switch in Tenjin Station I lost my pedometer (oh, so sad, I needed that thingy! Oh wait, maybe I should get a smartphone…), but other than that, everything went well. Fukuoka > Helsinki > Brussels, and I was HOME! Cloudy as usual, but look at that “there’s nothing here” scenery when landing! *insert heart eyes emoji*

Last days in Japan Last days in Japan

But then: stress! I had 2 hours between arriving at home and picking up a Korean friend who, for reasons unknown, decided it was a good idea to visit me the day I arrived back from Japan… I was exhausted, but still had to clean half our house, because my brother and my dad barely do that, and then prepare the room and my own room.. Luckily I got a message that his bus was late (see! can’t have a bus arriving on time in Belgium now, can we?) so I had a little more time to get everything ready. More on this in the next post though!


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