Here we go again!

Whew, it’s been a while but I’m back (I hope!). 😅

Guess why?

Adventure time! 😎

As I’m posting this, I should be on a plane somewhere between Brussels and Helsinki. 🛫 Just a short layover there, and I’m off to Seoul! For my family and friends in Belgium (or elsewhere in that timezone), BRU 11:40 > HEL 14:15, HEL 16:30 > ICN 1:10 (so arriving 9:10 local time). Flying with Finnair, by the way. 👌

Many people have asked about my plans, but unfortunately (to them at least) I haven’t been able to say much. I’ll be going for at least half a year, and I’ll be going from one place to another, so only a small part of my journey has already been decided.

I made a general plan, and I’ve booked hostels/airbnb as these can get fully booked or more expensive. Here’s what I have for now:

3 weeks Seoul, where I will explore the city some more, and visit all those places I haven’t during my 3 previous visits (and obviously re-visit some).

Another 2 weeks WorkAway in Seoul. I got the OK just yesterday, so I don’t know much about it yet.

Then there’s about a month of no plans yet, oooh exciting!

To end the first part of my stay in Korea, I’ll be staying in Busan for 2 weeks.

By the end of this South Korea part 1, it will be the end of May.

From Busan, I’m flying to Fukuoka, where I’ll stay for 3 weeks. I would totally love to stay here longer, as it’s my favourite city in Japan, but there’s more to explore!

After a few days exploring the four prefectures of the fourth biggest island of Japan, Shikoku, and a visit to Wakayama City, I don’t have my plans yet (again) until August, when I’ll visit my ‘Japanese parents’ in Tokyo for the rest of my stay.

My vague plans include visiting several prefectures I haven’t yet visited; Wakayama, Shiga, Aichi and Shizuoka, as well as re-visiting a few; Osaka, Kyoto, Kanagawa and Chiba. 😄

After Japan, the plan is completely unknown. I might stay in South Korea for another 3 months, I might go to Taiwan for some time, I might just go home, we’ll see!

During the period I have no plans yet, I’ll be WorkAwaying (volunteering a few hours a day in exchange for accommodation, cultural exchange, food, experiences and lifelong friends 😊) most of the time, but as I feel I shouldn’t contact the hosts too early, those periods are still blank.

As some of you may know, my goals is to visit every prefecture in Japan. After this trip, I should have visited 27 out of 47 prefectures! If you’d draw a straight line through Kyoto and Tokyo, about all prefectures south of that line will be crossed off my to visit list (except for Mie and Okinawa). I’ll be halfway there, yay! 🙌🙌

So yeah, that’s the plan (as far as you can call it that). Keep following to read about/see my adventures! 🤩

Here’s an appropriate song for you guys; a Belgian artists singing about one of Seoul’s famous districts, eating Korean BBQ! ^_^


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