The jetlag + dragging myself outside

I have/had a terrible jetlag! At least for me, it felt horrible, because I never really had a problem with it before. I think it’s because usually there’s at least one person awaiting my arrival, so that I have company the moment I arrive. That way I get distracted and can go to bed at a normal time. This time though, there was no one around, and as I arrived at the guesthouse at 2 pm, I took a nap. NOT A GOOD IDEA. The first evening I managed to go outside, just because I needed an ATM to get cash to pay for my accommodation. But I stayed in bed all weekend, the first day I even slept from 9 pm until 3 pm, that’s crazy. And that’s also why I’ve been feeling so unwell these days.

Luckily, I finally found the energy to drag myself outside, and it turned out to be a beautiful day outside! My room is so cold because the sun doesn’t reach it, so I thought it was cold outside as well. Boy, was I wrong! The weather forecast said 8C, so I dressed as I would in Belgium for 8C. So damn hot! I was wearing a T-shirt, a cardigan, a hoodie and a fake-fur hoodie. And a scarf. After a short but unhealthy subway ride, I got rid of the cardigan and the scarf, but it was still too warm. 😦

Anyway, I walked from City Hall station to Deoksugung (palace), the place I wanted to visit, but it looked like it was closed. I knew that a bit further, I would find Gyeonbokgung (another palace) so I went that way.

Deoksugung Deoksugung
Deoksugung Deoksugung Wall Walking Path

As I was still not feeling very well, I only looked around the free part of the palace. I had to sit down every 10 to 15 minutes because it felt like my legs would give way. The free part is already pretty impressive though, so it wasn’t a waste to go there. I love the colourfulness and details of the roofs, so pretty!

Gwanghwamun Gwanghwamun
Gwanghwamun Heungnyemun
Heungnyemun Heungnyemun
Gwanghwamun Detail of Gwanghwamun
Detail of Gwanghwamun Heungnyemun from Gwanghwamun
Haechi at Gyeongbokgung Gwanhwamun

By the time I left Gyeongbokgung, it was past noon, so I looked around for something to eat. I didn’t feel like going into a Korean restaurant alone, to stare at a menu my head was too tired to decipher (I can read Korean, but that’s about as far as my Korean abilities go). So I thought I’d try a familiar place, and tried KFC. Not that we have KFC in Belgium, but I’ve been there once or twice before so I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to order something. Wrong again! I had to order at a machine, which for the most part is less stressful since you can take all the time you want. The machine had an English option, but even with that the standard chicken burger was hard to find. Or they have a weird name for it here, that’s also possible. So I left.

Luckily there was a convenience store right next to the KFC, so I entered there and bought myself a bottle of Chilsung cider, an ‘egg and kimchi fried rice’ ball (kind of like an onigiri) and a ‘stir-fried glass noodle with sauteed vegetables’ rice ball as well. The latter contained meat, which I didn’t expect with that description, but hey it was good. 😀 It was about half an hour more before I found a place to sit down to eat, and it turned out that the first rice ball was enough to fill my empty stomach.

In the end I only ate the second rice ball when I returned to the guesthouse. As it was still early in the day, instead of taking the subway back, I walked back to the guesthouse. It was only 3 subway stations away, so not that far. At one point I took the wrong street, and ended up in a residential neighbourhood (I think that’s what it’s called). I checked the map, and instead of turning back, I thought I’d just go straight and find my way back. Big mistake! The street went up and up and up, according to my Fitbit no less than 24 flights! That was tough. 😮 Seoul is very hilly, but this was the biggest hill I’ve yet climbed. 😉 There was a nice view though, and I could see as far as Namsan (N-Seoul) Tower.

Views from my walk Views from my walk

Eventually, I arrived at the guesthouse around 3 pm, and after changing (even my socks were sweaty, 8C? Yeah right…) and posting my pictures to facebook, I headed back out in search for my favourite coffee shop: Tom n Toms. It turned out they didn’t sell my usual Caramel Latte (tasted like the coffee at home) anymore, so I went for my usual Starbucks order: Chai Latte. (The one at Starbucks is better, sssshhh.) And on my way back, I stopped at the little supermarket to buy water because unfortunately the tap water tastes terrible. 😦

Fitbit stats at the end of the day:
18.000 steps,
12,8 km
58 flights (that’s insane)
167 mins active.

Not bad for having to drag myself outside!


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