It’s back!

Since I came back from my half-year abroad, my interest in Japan had disappeared completely. No kanji reviews, no Detective Conan episodes, no Japanese cooking, no reviews on Memrise, no Japanese drama, no speaking Japanese. Gone, all of it.

I didn’t understand why, and I never told anyone. Even when others were enthusiastically talking about their trips to Japan, I had a hard time feigning interest. Not that I was ashamed or something, I just knew no one would understand. More so because everyone who knows me links me with Japan, no matter what. As if I don’t have any other features. I know it sounds like no big deal, but really it felt so strange because Japan was all I ever had and so I felt an unexplainable emptiness.

Eventually, I told my friend Karolien, a fellow Belgian I met at school in Fukuoka back in 2013. Luckily, she reassured me and told me she’d gone through a similar period of apathy for Japan. I was glad someone understood, as well as to know that it would pass some day.


Seriously, it feels so good. I feel like Sleeping Beauty waking up after a long, long slumber. There’s purpose again. It’s awesome! I can’t say what triggered it. Maybe the long reverse culture shock depression wore off? (I haven’t been feeling well in general since I got back) Maybe my friend reassuring me had this effect? Maybe it was after dinner with friends at a Japanese restaurant, who were so enthusiastic about their own trip to Japan? Maybe it was an effect of my new year’s resolutions? Maybe it was because I finally picked up where I left off in my Japanese Harry Potter book? I also felt terrible when a Belgian friend I met at school last time asked for my help with writing a letter to her host family, and I was stuck. I couldn’t formulate a single sentence! I didn’t spend all this time learning Japanese to then forget everything so this might’ve been the trigger as well.

Who knows! But I’m so glad I’m back to normal. 😉

I watched all 27 episodes I missed of Detective Conan, did all the 500+ reviews in my queue on Wanikani, cooked Japanese-ish, and started doing my 1800+ reviews on Memrise. It’s surprising how many words I remember on Memrise! I also started looking for Japanese drama on Netflix, but there isn’t much on offer so I’ll keep looking for other ways to watch!

At first, reading Harry Potter went so slow. I thought it was the book’s fault, but maybe my Japanese knowledge was still waking up from the slumber too. 😛 At first, I could barely finish a page a day, but I’ve been reading for a few weeks now, and earlier this week I read over 20 pages on a busy (so many distractions) train.

So yeah, I’m alive again and I feel a lot better now! ^_^

P.S. Completely off topic, but does anyone know an alternative to putting photos on Flickr to then put them on the blog? It’s not free anymore, and I can’t afford to pay for it yet. That’s why my recent posts don’t have any pictures in them, and as long as I can’t find another way, there won’t be pictures nor updates from my half-year abroad!

12 thoughts on “It’s back!

  1. Regarding the images, my WordPress blog is self-hosted on DreamHost, so I just keep all my content on my own server. I use the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin to compress images when I upload them so the file sizes are smaller, as well as the WP Cache caching plugin. It’s not free to have your own hosting and domain, but it’s great to be able to have your content in one place.

    Referral link 😛 :

    BlueHost is another great hosting provider that starts pretty cheap too.

    As far as 100% free options, you can try Google Photos. It lets you have unlimited free storage as long as you use the “High Quality (free unlimited storage)” option. I am not sure if you can embed them though.

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    • Thanks a lot! I will definitely remember this for when I do have money 😉
      I use Google Photos a lot, but I haven’t found a way to embed them yet. I should look into it again!


      • Nope, it’s free 🙂 There is a limit as I’m currently at 60% of my capacity. I’ve been on WordPress for about 3 years though so it seems like a good amount to get free. I’m afraid I’m not certain of the exact amount it is.


      • I think mine was full with just a few posts, they’re pretty big files. 😉 But I could try that for now of course, I still have another month to decide what to do about Flickr. I have over 3000 photos there, and they’re going to remove more than 2000. They’re all photos for my blog so the bigger part of my blog will suddenly miss all the pictures. 😦

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