Winter bucket list: update

It’s time for another update of my winter bucket list! Back in January, I posted my winter bucket list and posted an update of it as well. Now we’re 2/3 through winter, it’s time for a new update. Here’s an overview of my winter goals:

  1. Make homemade hot chocolate.  
  2. Start a scrapbook.
  3. Bake cookies.
  4. Keep a gratitude journal.
  5. Bake a pie.
  6. Visit a museum you’ve never been to.
  7. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  8. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
  9. Try a new restaurant.
  10. Clean out and organize your closet.
  11. Create a winter playlist.
  12. Do 5 different Random Acts of Kindness.

(the ones in italics are ones I can’t do anymore or gave up on – 4/15),
the strikethrough ones are the ones I have accomplished – 4/15)

For homemade hot chocolate (1) I have a recipe I recommend everyone because it’s so delicious my brother has been asking for it 3 times a week! Click here for a deliciously rich hot chocolate recipe! We have it with a scoop of ice cream. 😉

I did a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle (7) of this famous image of Japan. It took a while and the puzzle is starting to wear so this might’ve been the last time I did this jigsaw puzzle. The blossoms are the hardest part. You’d think it’s the sky, but as it has a bit of a gradient, the sky isn’t all that difficult. I think the flowers took about the same time as the rest of the puzzle…

As for cleaning out my closet (10), I got rid of 7 items, which is quite a lot because I don’t have many clothes anyway. 😛

I still haven’t started on the scrapbook (2) and I don’t think I will this winter. I’ll have to buy supplies for it which I can’t afford right now. But all my entrance tickets etc. are still tucked away in my box of memories so they’re safe for now.

I haven’t made any cookies or pie yet, for numbers 3 and 5. Time to start baking!

I tried 4 but I just never remember to write things down, but I am more mindful when something happens I’m grateful for. So I do have a kind of gratitude journal, just not on paper. 😉

My friend and I didn’t go to Bruges eventually, so I haven’t been able to go to a new museum yet. The weather is already getting pretty warm and sunny so I might just hop on a bus or train somewhere soon!

I’d already dismissed number 11, because I don’t like the so-called winter music. It gets on my nerves. And finally, number 12 is a bit difficult to say, because I don’t really know which acts are considered ‘RAK’. Is having a conversation with a stranger a RAK? Is giving someone you usually don’t talk to a compliment a RAK? Is holding the door a RAK? Is donating blood a RAK? Meanwhile, I also donated my clothes, so that’s another RAK. I consider the previous things RAKs as well, so that’s 5! I’m sure I’ll do more of them in the next month, so this one is a definite OK then. ^_^

With 4 items crossed off the list and 4 non-achievable items, I’m over halfway. There are only 4 more weeks left until spring (I’m definitely not complaining 😉 ), so all I have to do is bake, visit and eat my way through what’s left of winter. It’s around 15 degrees Celcius in Belgium these days, so meteorologically speaking it’s not really wintering right now.

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