Shoes & cars rant

I’ve read so often that complaining is a bad thing. “Ban all negativity from your life if you want to be happy!” they say. “Sure, keep it all inside and eventually explode, great idea!” I say. Maybe there are two types of people; people who never complain and don’t have any problem with it, and … Continue reading

Out-of-the-blue post time!

I used to post lots of updates on facebook, and usually people liked what I had to say, but last year in June, I decided not to post for a month. A facebook detox, you could call it. Ever since, I barely post anything, yet I have SO MUCH TO SAY. And I want to … Continue reading

Our garden in June

In June, our garden is always full of life and colours. We don’t really do any gardening, except at the end of winter when I tend the summer lilacs, so many of these flowers and trees started growing there on their own (or with a little bit of help from the birds and the bees 😉 … Continue reading

Look to the sky (June)

The sky is one of the most amazing things in this world. The clouds are never the same, and the colours at sunrise and sunset are unbelievable. I’m constantly looking at the sky in awe, feeling inspired by this natural phenomenon. Of course, I’m always elated when I can spot a rare rainbow, especially a … Continue reading

A visitor from Korea – Bruges part

On Sunday, I made sure my friend woke up early enough so I could take him to my favourite city in Belgium: Bruges. It’s a cozy medieval city where time seems to have stood still. And though there are lots of tourists, it’s somehow still rather quiet and relaxing, especially when near the ‘Reien’ (little … Continue reading

A visitor from Korea – Brussels part

So my friend arrived the very day I came back from Japan, and I was incredibly tired, but hospitality above everything! That was Friday evening. My friend was apparently even more tired than I was, because I was up around 6 am (a little jet-lagged maybe?) while he woke up only after 11. While I … Continue reading

Kyoto > Fukuoka > home

On my last day in Kyoto, I was asked to teach laundry folding. Apparently I’m good at that. And, looking at the review left by my WorkAway host, that was the thing they’ll remember me for. I like doing laundry, and I spent a lot of my time on the roof of the hostel folding … Continue reading

At last; Fushimi Inari Shrine (1)

On my very last day (okay, technically this was the second to last, but the last day I actually did sightseeing in Kyoto), Chelsea took me to Fushimi Inari Shrine. You know, that shrine pretty much everyone who visits Kyoto will definitely have on their list. I’m not among those people. I hadn’t been in … Continue reading