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Out-of-the-blue post time!

I used to post lots of updates on facebook, and usually people liked what I had to say, but last year in June, I decided not to post for a month. A facebook detox, you could call it. Ever since, I barely post anything, yet I have SO MUCH TO SAY. And I want to … Continue reading

Panoramic View of Brussels

Last summer, I read on the internet that there was a place in Brussels where you can have a panoramic view of Brussels for free, so I decided to check it out the next time I went to Brussels. We were lucky enough to have clear weather! There was one thing which immediately grabbed my … Continue reading

Cherry blossoms and more spring time!

Today’s post is going to be full of pictures! I really love spring because it gives so many photo opportunities. The world looks so much better after the dark days of winter. I love the dew left on plants in the morning. I love cherry blossoms, just like these I saw in Schaerbeek (Brussels, Belgium). … Continue reading

Signs of Spring (March 2014)

Spring is probably my favourite season, and so I take many pictures in this season every year. I love how the flowers start blossoming. I love how the trees turn green again. I love how the sun is already rising when I wake up. I love how the birds are happily tweeting when I wake … Continue reading

October 2013

Since I was still suffering a bit from glandular fever –I finally remember why I didn’t take any photos in July; I was in the hospital for a few days and then on the sofa for three more weeks– I could only do a short term job before going to Japan again. On the second of … Continue reading

August and September 2013

I’m going to try something new! Using Flickr to insert photos in my posts. It’s odd that I didn’t think of that earlier but it’s never too late I guess. I hope this works. 😉 Also, since I’m still writing about things that happened 1,5 years ago, I’ll try to speed up to finally catch … Continue reading

Back in Belgium! – June 2013

I returned to Belgium June 10th I believe. Back in Belgium I was especially surprised at the sun setting that ‘late’. I think at that time it only set around 10.30 pm, while in Japan the sun disappeared as early as 7 pm! I realized this when I met up with a friend and I had … Continue reading

Reis naar Japan

Zoals ik in mijn vorige post vertelde, ben ik dinsdag niet veel verder dan een 18-minuten-durende rit met de TGV geraakt. Gelukkig heeft de moeder naar Connections (reisbureau) gebeld en alles uitgelegd (nog eens bedankt daarvoor). Woensdag kreeg ze telefoon dat alles in orde was, en donderdag kon ik vertrekken! Donderdag om half 5 opgestaan, … Continue reading

Is this really happening?

Today I was supposed to start my journey to Japan. But heavy snow fall in western Europe ended this journey pretty early… Problems started yesterday. I thought if it stayed like this all would be okay, but weather forecasts warned us for more, more and more snow. More snow than we’ve seen all winter! And … Continue reading