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A visitor from Korea – Bruges part

On Sunday, I made sure my friend woke up early enough so I could take him to my favourite city in Belgium: Bruges. It’s a cozy medieval city where time seems to have stood still. And though there are lots of tourists, it’s somehow still rather quiet and relaxing, especially when near the ‘Reien’ (little … Continue reading

At last; Fushimi Inari Shrine (1)

On my very last day (okay, technically this was the second to last, but the last day I actually did sightseeing in Kyoto), Chelsea took me to Fushimi Inari Shrine. You know, that shrine pretty much everyone who visits Kyoto will definitely have on their list. I’m not among those people. I hadn’t been in … Continue reading

Yuzen dyeing in Kyoto

Since we didn’t have much work on our last days WorkAwaying at Peace House Sakura in Kyoto, Chelsea suggested Yuzen dyeing. We had never heard of anything like it, and it sounded like a very Kyoto-ish thing to do, so off we went on our second-to-last day as WorkAwayers. If you’re interested, here’s a map … Continue reading

A day with Chelsea (1)

On one of my last days, my co-worker Chelsea invited me to visit a temple with her. It was also one of her last days, and she’d been wanting to visit this temple for some time. Chelsea had been visiting many temples during her stay in Kyoto (more that the average person when visiting Kyoto … Continue reading

A day in Osaka (1)

Two Korean friends were visiting Osaka at the same time, so we decided to meet up for a day in Osaka. From where I was in Kyoto, it only took around an hour to get there. Since they always have ME chose where to go, I suggested Shinsekai, since I have good memories of that … Continue reading

Mimasaka’s Furumachi

One of the things Anisa had recommended, was going to the old town (Furumachi). I biked there and tried to find the ‘hipster cafe’ she had told me about. I returned home with some nice pictures but without ever finding that cafe. (She took me there some time later though.) Note: this area is nicer … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part II)

When I was in Yura, I experienced something that has been influencing everything I did even up to now. And it was not a good thing. When I took one of the following pictures, I bent down to take it from a good angle, and when I got up again, my knee started hurting all … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part I)

She’s a big Detective Conan fan, like me, so I’d like to dedicate this post to my fluffy friend Tanja/0utofjoint from crazyth1ngs.com. Detective Conan is a long-running manga and anime series, for about 20 years years now. I’ll try to make a long story short: High school detective Shin’ichi Kudo witnessed something he shouldn’t have seen, … Continue reading