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A day with Chelsea (1)

On one of my last days, my co-worker Chelsea invited me to visit a temple with her. It was also one of her last days, and she’d been wanting to visit this temple for some time. Chelsea had been visiting many temples during her stay in Kyoto (more that the average person when visiting Kyoto … Continue reading

More Mimasaka

These Mimasaka posts will last for a while, I took so many pictures in this awesome village! I can’t even post all pictures I took during just one walk in one blog post… Japan’s rural villages are simply amazing. There isn’t much to see, yet they’re so much beauty to be found! From rice paddies … Continue reading

Strolling around Matsue Castle

I had imagined Matsue completely different. As the capital of a prefecture, I had expected more of a busy city feel, but my expectations for one of the least populated parts of Japan were too high. Around the castle, there were some people, but in other parts of the city I didn’t encounter a single soul. The … Continue reading

Along Nakagawa River

Nakagawa River. Naka river River. Doesn’t make much sense, but calling it Naka River would still not sound that great. So Nakagawa River it is. Okay, that doesn’t really matter, but still. Words, languages, grammar… It’s just interesting. In any case, on a beautiful Friday morning, I walked to the river of that name again. When … Continue reading

Blue Rain

Blue rain, that’s what these flowers are called in Dutch. It’s one of those flower names that actually describes the flower’s appearance, I like it. I have no clue what wisteria mean, neither do I know whether the Japanese name fuji (藤) describes the flower in any way. But they’re beautiful, though not really photogenic, … Continue reading

Maizuru Park (part 2)

After a bit of culture and an encounter with chasers of a mysterious animal, we set forth our walk through Maizuru Park. Apart from lovely flowers and still blooming sakura (yay!), there was mainly peace and silence. Though it’s spring, a few mushrooms still appeared in the moss (oh, how I love moss!) as well.

Maizuru Park (part 1)

Initially, we planned to go to the Japanese garden in Ohori Park, but the weather wasn’t all that great (not good enough for nice pictures at least) so we decided to just hang around in Maizuru Park (the park next to Ohori). Maizuru Park is where the ruins of Fukuoka Castle are located. After some … Continue reading

A walk along the river (part 2)

As I said in my previous post, I discovered ‘the river’ during a walk two weeks ago. Ever since, I went there pretty much every sunny day for a walk. People laugh at me because all I do is go on walks, but hey, I came here to vacation, didn’t I? 😀 So here’s part two … Continue reading

A walk along the river (part 1)

Oops, I was supposed to update my blog frequently! It’s been what, two weeks already? I have no excuse, it’s not like I’m busy or anything, I’m just lazy. 😉 In the first week I was here, I discovered ‘the river’. It’s the closest thing to nature I can find around here, not as great … Continue reading

Sakura + Nishi Park + Ichiran

The day after I arrived, I met up with Karolien again for a walk to Nishi Koen (Nishi Park), hoping I’d see some sakura (cherry blossoms) before it was too late. Luckily, the late blooming sakura was still visible, though it’s nearing its end. In fact, I like the late ones more than the usual (I … Continue reading