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On my last day in Kyoto, I was asked to teach laundry folding. Apparently I’m good at that. And, looking at the review left by my WorkAway host, that was the thing they’ll remember me for. I like doing laundry, and I spent a lot of my time on the roof of the hostel folding … Continue reading

Nanzoin temple (part VI)

Nanzoin Temple houses an incredible collection of stone statues. Look at these small ones, all with a different facial expression. Aren’t they amazing? And how about the huge Manekineko statue? With this post, I finally finish my Nanzoin Temple posts. It’s also the last post about Fukuoka, because a few days later, I left for a bit … Continue reading

Nanzoin temple (part V)

The second to last part of this Nanzoin temple blog post series. 😉 A collection of a few more sightings around the temple complex. Let me introduce you to Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. Also known as the ‘Three wise monkeys’ or ‘Sanbiki no saru’. In the first picture, they look like frogs to me, but … Continue reading

Nanzoin temple (part IV)

Finally, we arrive at the huge statue of the reclining Buddha! And when I say huge, I mean ‘probably the biggest bronze statue in the world’ huge. Known as Nehanzo or Shaka Nehan (nehan meaning Nirvana), the statue is 41 meters long, 11 meters high, and weighs almost 300 tons. It shows Buddha at the … Continue reading

Nanzoin temple (part II)

Once I found out where to go at the Nanzoin temple complex to find the Buddha statue, I passed through this impressive tunnel called Shichifukujin (or Seven Lucky Gods) Tunnel. Isn’t it enchanting? I’ve never seen such a large amount of Buddha images together… And on top of that they’re adorable too!

Nanzoin Temple (part I)

It was the first day of May. A lot of rain had fallen the past few days, and I really needed a change of scenery, so I finally decided to go to the big reclining Buddha at Nanzoin. I’d known about it for the past 3 years, but never took the time to visit. From … Continue reading

A last walk along Nakagawa

A few days before I left Fukuoka, I went for another walk around the neighbourhood and, of course, ended up at the river again. On my way, a classic metallic blue car caught my eye. My brother is a ‘special’ car fan, so I got the habit of automatically spotting them as well. The car … Continue reading

Return to Itazuke Archaeological Site

Some time ago, I visited Itazuke ruins. Since it wasn’t very clear whether I could enter or not, I decided to return with a friend (who’d never heard of it). The site displays the oldest ruins in Japan of a rice-growing community, that thrived around the fourth and third century BC. The settlement consisted of a double … Continue reading

Ohori Park

After a month of absence, I’m finally back! Hooray~! At the end of April, my friend and I met up at Tenjin again and didn’t really know what to do so we ended up at Ohori Park. In all the time I’ve spent in Fukuoka, I almost never went to it’s best-known park. Ohori Park … Continue reading


My friend is a plane fan. I told her the airport is only 3 km away from here so we can see planes fly by really low and the airport is just a short walk away. She was jealous. I promised her I’d walk down there and film a landing plane. A few days later, … Continue reading