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Wallonia Day Trip (1)

My family has a tradition of going to the Belgian Ardennes every summer, and last summer was no different. My sisters, their spouses and kids, my brother, a cousin and her boyfriend, one sister’s befriended couple and my dad spent a week in the south. And me? Well, I’m not much of a family person, … Continue reading

Out-of-the-blue post time!

I used to post lots of updates on facebook, and usually people liked what I had to say, but last year in June, I decided not to post for a month. A facebook detox, you could call it. Ever since, I barely post anything, yet I have SO MUCH TO SAY. And I want to … Continue reading

Our garden in June

In June, our garden is always full of life and colours. We don’t really do any gardening, except at the end of winter when I tend the summer lilacs, so many of these flowers and trees started growing there on their own (or with a little bit of help from the birds and the bees 😉 … Continue reading

Look to the sky (June)

The sky is one of the most amazing things in this world. The clouds are never the same, and the colours at sunrise and sunset are unbelievable. I’m constantly looking at the sky in awe, feeling inspired by this natural phenomenon. Of course, I’m always elated when I can spot a rare rainbow, especially a … Continue reading

A visitor from Korea – Bruges part

On Sunday, I made sure my friend woke up early enough so I could take him to my favourite city in Belgium: Bruges. It’s a cozy medieval city where time seems to have stood still. And though there are lots of tourists, it’s somehow still rather quiet and relaxing, especially when near the ‘Reien’ (little … Continue reading

At last; Fushimi Inari Shrine (1)

On my very last day (okay, technically this was the second to last, but the last day I actually did sightseeing in Kyoto), Chelsea took me to Fushimi Inari Shrine. You know, that shrine pretty much everyone who visits Kyoto will definitely have on their list. I’m not among those people. I hadn’t been in … Continue reading

Kyoto: first photo walk (part III)

The last part of my walk brought me to Kamogawa (Kamo River), our favourite place in Kyoto. It’s so relaxing there, and lots of people come together to enjoy the weather and each other’s company. Along the river on the west side, you’ll find many cafes and traditional buildings. On the east side, you’ll find … Continue reading

Kyoto: a missed festival

After I picked up my friend Hanna at the station and she put her stuff in the guesthouse, we were told about a big festival happening that day. As we still had the day off, we decided to go check it out. It was a few kilometers away, and they told us to go by … Continue reading

Animals in Mimasaka

Animals always deserve a separate post! 😉 Last time I visited Japan, I saw lots of cats, but I guess this time wasn’t cat season. Here’s a collection of the animals I saw in Mimasaka: the usual crows, but this time wading through the rice fields; a dog, but with a diaper; a crab, not sure … Continue reading