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A visitor from Korea – Bruges part

On Sunday, I made sure my friend woke up early enough so I could take him to my favourite city in Belgium: Bruges. It’s a cozy medieval city where time seems to have stood still. And though there are lots of tourists, it’s somehow still rather quiet and relaxing, especially when near the ‘Reien’ (little … Continue reading

Cycling around Kyoto

The next day, I choose to bicycle again, since my knee had started hurting rather quickly the day before (after only 3 km or so). Though it’s, in my opinion, pretty dangerous to ride a bicycle on the sidewalks in Japan, it did feel good to go around by bicycle for once. The weather was … Continue reading

Backstreets of Kyoto

After a few days of resting after my visit to the hospital (of which I planned to tell the story, but it’s been too long now… long story short: my knee hurt, hospital couldn’t help me and told me to go to a doctor in Belgium, got surgery in Belgium 3 months later) I finally … Continue reading

Kyoto: first photo walk (part III)

The last part of my walk brought me to Kamogawa (Kamo River), our favourite place in Kyoto. It’s so relaxing there, and lots of people come together to enjoy the weather and each other’s company. Along the river on the west side, you’ll find many cafes and traditional buildings. On the east side, you’ll find … Continue reading

Kyoto: first photo walk (part II)

The next part of my walk brought me to the traditional area in and near Gion, and after that to Yasaka Jinja and the park behind it. From the park, it’s just a short walk to Kiyomizu-dera and the busy streets in front of it. Our guesthouse was located near all these fantastic places, only 10 … Continue reading

Kyoto: a missed festival

After I picked up my friend Hanna at the station and she put her stuff in the guesthouse, we were told about a big festival happening that day. As we still had the day off, we decided to go check it out. It was a few kilometers away, and they told us to go by … Continue reading

Animals in Mimasaka

Animals always deserve a separate post! 😉 Last time I visited Japan, I saw lots of cats, but I guess this time wasn’t cat season. Here’s a collection of the animals I saw in Mimasaka: the usual crows, but this time wading through the rice fields; a dog, but with a diaper; a crab, not sure … Continue reading

Joining Anisa on an early morning walk

Anisa had a habit of going to bed early and then waking up around the same time the sun came out (which, in Japan, is around the incredibly early hour of 5 am!). She then had breakfast and prepared her lunch, and when all her preparations for the day were finished, she went for an … Continue reading

Mimasaka’s Furumachi

One of the things Anisa had recommended, was going to the old town (Furumachi). I biked there and tried to find the ‘hipster cafe’ she had told me about. I returned home with some nice pictures but without ever finding that cafe. (She took me there some time later though.) Note: this area is nicer … Continue reading

Anisa’s inaka

After every post, Anisa tells me she didn’t do anything. And yes, she didn’t do much at all, but she was a great host who made me feel very welcome and that’s what counts. If she had tried really hard to make my stay great, then I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. But … Continue reading