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More Mimasaka

These Mimasaka posts will last for a while, I took so many pictures in this awesome village! I can’t even post all pictures I took during just one walk in one blog post… Japan’s rural villages are simply amazing. There isn’t much to see, yet they’re so much beauty to be found! From rice paddies … Continue reading

Mimasaka: a bike ride in the afternoon

After lunch, I went looking for Anisa’s friend’s cafe, which she had shown on her little map. I tried to find it but to no avail. Too bad because it could’ve been another cool experience! So I biked around instead and took some more pictures of the breathtaking views. In the evening, we went to … Continue reading

More views from the train (Hagi-Matsue)

I arrived at Masuda station a few minutes before 10 am and went to the ticket vending machine straight away. I was going to take a limited express train for the first time and I wanted to check online for the information. As the ticket machine confused the hell out of me, I tried to … Continue reading

Hagi’s Aiba waterway

After my adventurous journey to Hagi, I wandered around the town. I had read something about a waterway what used to be very important for the place a few hundred years ago, so once I found the first map, I located it right away away. It looked really cute with all the bridges, and after … Continue reading

A last walk along Nakagawa

A few days before I left Fukuoka, I went for another walk around the neighbourhood and, of course, ended up at the river again. On my way, a classic metallic blue car caught my eye. My brother is a ‘special’ car fan, so I got the habit of automatically spotting them as well. The car … Continue reading

Along Nakagawa River

Nakagawa River. Naka river River. Doesn’t make much sense, but calling it Naka River would still not sound that great. So Nakagawa River it is. Okay, that doesn’t really matter, but still. Words, languages, grammar… It’s just interesting. In any case, on a beautiful Friday morning, I walked to the river of that name again. When … Continue reading

A walk along the river (part 2)

As I said in my previous post, I discovered ‘the river’ during a walk two weeks ago. Ever since, I went there pretty much every sunny day for a walk. People laugh at me because all I do is go on walks, but hey, I came here to vacation, didn’t I? 😀 So here’s part two … Continue reading

A walk along the river (part 1)

Oops, I was supposed to update my blog frequently! It’s been what, two weeks already? I have no excuse, it’s not like I’m busy or anything, I’m just lazy. 😉 In the first week I was here, I discovered ‘the river’. It’s the closest thing to nature I can find around here, not as great … Continue reading


In my village, we have a small nature park next to the dikes of the river Scheldt. Vlassenbroek, named after the abundance of flax (vlas), is a nice place for a walk, and the dike is very popular on summer days. Whenever the first spring weather comes, people from the area take their bicycles and … Continue reading

November walk in the village

In November, we had a few exceptionally warm days. On one of them I decided to take my new camera for a walk in my village, because ‘hey, I can now photograph these things with a better camera!’… 😉 Baasrode is a quiet little village along Belgian’s main river, the Scheldt, with about 6,000 inhabitants. … Continue reading