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First festival in years!

It had been 6 years since I last went to a music festival. Or should I say ‘live open-air performance of a band that is bigger than the ones that only play in local venues’… 🤔I did go to for example White Lies and Olly Murs in the meantime, but those were in concert halls, which give a … Continue reading

Out-of-the-blue post time!

I used to post lots of updates on facebook, and usually people liked what I had to say, but last year in June, I decided not to post for a month. A facebook detox, you could call it. Ever since, I barely post anything, yet I have SO MUCH TO SAY. And I want to … Continue reading

Ukiha: sunset under paper lanterns

As we arrived back in the white washed walls district, the sun was setting and the paper lanterns we saw at noon were beautifully lit. We got some time to take beautiful pictures while our friend went to pick up her husband. When our friend returned with her husband, we were a bit indecisive about … Continue reading

Ukiha: fruit picking and rice fields

At Qui Tico Co, we glanced through the tourism leaflets to get more specifics on what we wanted to do. My friend really wanted to go fruit picking and go to the rice fields she’d seen online. While we were having lunch, my friend arrived with her toddler. I hadn’t seen them since two years … Continue reading

Ukiha: white walls and paper lanterns

After getting a little lost in Ukiha, we found our way to the white walls and were delighted to see these really cute red-and-white papers lanterns. When I was in Ukiha two years ago, I never went to this old area, so I was pleasantly surprised by this picturesque view! Because the houses are beautifully … Continue reading

Ukiha: lost and found

After visiting the farmer’s market in Ukiha, we walked through the persimmon fields to get to the ‘historic centre’ of Ukiha, with its white walled houses and rustic atmosphere. We kind of got lost, which basically means I didn’t remember the right way very well and we ended up walking through some residential neighbourhood, after which … Continue reading

Ukiha: at farmer’s market Mino no Sato

After taking lots of pictures on the way and making acquaintance with a Japanese woman also on her way to Mino no Sato, we finally arrived at this local farmer’s market. It’s kind of like a supermarket, but everything is produced locally, with mainly fruit and vegetables on sale. Other than food, we found lots of … Continue reading

Ukiha: on our way to the farmer’s market

My friend wanted to go to Japan’s countryside, and since I had been in Ukiha (Fukuoka prefecture) before, I suggested we go there together. It’s an incredible place with lots of nature and not many people. Two years ago, I went there for volunteering, and I’ve always wanted to go back. I told a friend … Continue reading

Fukuoka Tower + Momochi Beach

Momochi Beach is great choice on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and the weather is perfect for going up Fukuoka Tower. Surprisingly, the beach was rather empty… Of course, the ever present love locks were available in Fukuoka Tower as well… The ceiling of the elevator looked like the night sky. Really nice!