That day I met the most amazing girl ever

  After spending a lazy day resting my knee at Starbucks Tottori, I departed on another long train journey (to Chizu was an hour, then Ohara was 30 minutes) to Okayama’s inaka. Though Tottori already is kind of countryside, the views got more and more rural the farther away we went. Before I tell you about an amazing … Continue reading

Lazy in Tottori

Since I was expected at my next destination around 5 pm, I spent the rest of my day at Starbucks (which was apparently really new; Tottori prefecture didn’t have a Starbucks until a few months earlier), because I needed to rest my knee (part one of the knee story is here). Before deciding going to … Continue reading

Japan’s Desert

“Japan even has a desert!” is what I read somewhere a couple of years ago, and I thought, “Huh, what?! Where?!” and thus I read the article and found out about the Tottori Sand Dunes. Now, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but don’t let pictures like the ones above (or even better, … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part IV)

Here we are, the last part of my Conan Town series! And I just realized, I forgot to tell you why Conan is so important to me. It’s the only anime I watch, so what makes it so special? My interest in Japan is all thanks to Conan, that’s what it is! If I had … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part III)

Here we are, the GAMF (Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory) Museum! Outside, あがさ博士 (professor Agasa)’s yellow Beetle welcomes all Conan fans. The door that divides the two parts of the episode (I have no idea what to call it, the door appears before and after the break) served as the entrance. Don’t ever let anyone tell … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part II)

When I was in Yura, I experienced something that has been influencing everything I did even up to now. And it was not a good thing. When I took one of the following pictures, I bent down to take it from a good angle, and when I got up again, my knee started hurting all … Continue reading

Yura aka Conan Town (part I)

She’s a big Detective Conan fan, like me, so I’d like to dedicate this post to my fluffy friend Tanja/0utofjoint from Detective Conan is a long-running manga and anime series, for about 20 years years now. I’ll try to make a long story short: High school detective Shin’ichi Kudo witnessed something he shouldn’t have seen, … Continue reading

Two Nights at Y Pub&Hostel Tottori

In Tottori, I stayed at a fairly new hostel (it opened less than 4 months earlier) called Y Pub&Hostel TOTTORI. It was a bit confusing to find the entrance, because it’s located inside the pub… The ‘reception’ is actually just the pub’s counter. The ‘hostel’ part wasn’t advertised very well outside. I greeted the people … Continue reading

Strolling around Matsue Castle

I had imagined Matsue completely different. As the capital of a prefecture, I had expected more of a busy city feel, but my expectations for one of the least populated parts of Japan were too high. Around the castle, there were some people, but in other parts of the city I didn’t encounter a single soul. The … Continue reading