New blog

Hello dear readers, I’ve decided to start a new blog due to uh circumstances. It’s about my working holiday in New Zealand, where I have been since two weeks. Due to said circumstances I won’t share the link to this new blog here, so if you’re interested, please comment or use the contact form. This … Continue reading

Winter bucket list: update

It’s time for another update of my winter bucket list! Back in January, I posted my winter bucket list and posted an update of it as well. Now we’re 2/3 through winter, it’s time for a new update. Here’s an overview of my winter goals: Make homemade hot chocolate.   Start a scrapbook. Bake cookies. Keep … Continue reading

It’s back!

Since I came back from my half-year abroad, my interest in Japan had disappeared completely. No kanji reviews, no Detective Conan episodes, no Japanese cooking, no reviews on Memrise, no Japanese drama, no speaking Japanese. Gone, all of it. I didn’t understand why, and I never told anyone. Even when others were enthusiastically talking about … Continue reading

Winter bucket list: update

About two weeks ago, I posted my winter bucket list. Here’s a little update on how it’s going. Well, it’s not going great, but I still have 2/3 of winter left. Here’s a quick overview of the 12 things I want to do this winter: Make homemade hot chocolate.   Start a scrapbook. Bake cookies. Keep a … Continue reading

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Belgium

As I mentioned in my 30 before 30 post, I want to visit all UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Belgium. Now, several of my friends were interested in joining me, but most of them also don’t know what or where they are. I think pretty much everyone in Belgium has visited one or two of … Continue reading

Winter bucket list

As I said in my previous post, I’m into bucket lists these days. I can’t remember how I got to browsing the subject, but I’ve had more than 10 bucket list sites and blogs open in my tabs for weeks now. I should peruse them all and then make a proper bucket list for myself, … Continue reading

30 before 30

As I’ll be turning 30 next year, and I’m into bucket lists these days, I decided to make a “30 before 30” list. In case you don’t know what that is; it’s a list of 30 things you want to accomplish/experience before you turn 30. My sister did this a few years back, but unfortunately, … Continue reading

The jetlag + dragging myself outside

I have/had a terrible jetlag! At least for me, it felt horrible, because I never really had a problem with it before. I think it’s because usually there’s at least one person awaiting my arrival, so that I have company the moment I arrive. That way I get distracted and can go to bed at … Continue reading


It’s been almost 2 years since my last long-distance trip and it felt as if it were the first time all over again. And not in a good way. Anyway! As usual, here the story of the trip itself, something most ‘traveler bloggers’ seem to not pay any attention to. So, the usual people came … Continue reading

Here we go again!

Whew, it’s been a while but I’m back (I hope!). 😅 Guess why? Adventure time! 😎 As I’m posting this, I should be on a plane somewhere between Brussels and Helsinki. 🛫 Just a short layover there, and I’m off to Seoul! For my family and friends in Belgium (or elsewhere in that timezone), BRU … Continue reading