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It’s back!

Since I came back from my half-year abroad, my interest in Japan had disappeared completely. No kanji reviews, no Detective Conan episodes, no Japanese cooking, no reviews on Memrise, no Japanese drama, no speaking Japanese. Gone, all of it. I didn’t understand why, and I never told anyone. Even when others were enthusiastically talking about … Continue reading

Here we go again!

Whew, it’s been a while but I’m back (I hope!). šŸ˜… Guess why? Adventure time! šŸ˜Ž As I’m posting this, I should be on a plane somewhere between Brussels and Helsinki. šŸ›« Just a short layover there, and I’m off to Seoul! For my family and friends in Belgium (or elsewhere in that timezone), BRU … Continue reading

On my way to Japan!

Though my date of departure has been right here on the right side of my blog all along, I’m quite sure not too many people have noticed. Usually when I’m going to Japan, I can’t wait to tell everyone and announceĀ it in capital letters on facebook and all that, this time I told myself: “Don’t … Continue reading

WorkAway + walk around Himeji Castle + supermoon

On my first actual day in Himeji, Kyoko awaited me at 9 AM to explain the basics of the guesthouse. About the cleaning, the washing and the preparing beforeĀ guests arrive. Lastly, she told me about the check-in procedure, becauseĀ she wouldn’t be there when that day’s guests would arrive. She went out around 10:30, after finishing … Continue reading

Himeji: Rock Festival + Tsukimi

I met up with my hosts Kyoko and Megumi around 12:30. I didn’t have a clue where we were going, but in any case we headed to a park behind the castle. Before we arrived, Kyoko asked me whether I liked rock music, so I told her I did, and she answered she didn’t and … Continue reading

Kobe port + Kobe peculiarities

After walking around Kobe trying to find the Old Foreign Settlement area, I ended up at the port (which I knew how to find). Too bad about the Old Foreign Settlement area, but at least I didn’t walk up to the shrines and temples area… (some Ā people complain about the big number of shrine/temple posts … Continue reading

Ukiha: sunset under paper lanterns

As we arrived back in the white washed walls district, the sun was setting and the paper lanterns we saw at noon were beautifully lit. We got some time to take beautiful pictures while our friend went to pick up her husband. When our friend returned with her husband, we were a bit indecisive about … Continue reading

Ukiha: fruit picking and rice fields

At Qui Tico Co, we glanced through the tourism leaflets to get more specifics on what we wanted to do. My friend really wanted to go fruit picking and go to the rice fields she’d seen online. While we were having lunch, my friend arrived with her toddler. I hadn’t seen them since two years … Continue reading

Ukiha: white walls and paper lanterns

After getting a little lost in Ukiha, we found our way to the white walls and were delighted to see these really cute red-and-white papers lanterns. When I was in Ukiha two years ago, I never went to this old area, so I was pleasantly surprised by this picturesque view! Because the houses are beautifully … Continue reading