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A visitor from Korea – Brussels part

So my friend arrived the very day I came back from Japan, and I was incredibly tired, but hospitality above everything! That was Friday evening. My friend was apparently even more tired than I was, because I was up around 6 am (a little jet-lagged maybe?) while he woke up only after 11. While I … Continue reading

Asian food in Brussels

Whenever I go to Brussels I seem to always end up at some Asian restaurant. In the past month I’ve been to Brussels three times and had Asian food every time. The first time was Japanese. I wanted to let my friend try the restaurant I’ve been to several times before, so we went to the … Continue reading

A visitor from Switzerland

My friend from Switzerland, Hanna, arrived on New Year’s Eve at Brussels Airport. As she was invited to have dinner with us, we picked her up at the airport. After dinner, we went back to Brussels to spend New Year’s Eve there. She’d booked a hotel and let me stay over as well. Due to … Continue reading

Cancelled concert

In December, a few foreign friends were coming over for the concert of a Japanese rock band. My friends would arrive on Thursday, but on Monday we got the news that the concert of one of our favourite bands was cancelled. ONE OK ROCK cancelled just one concert out of their Europe tour. Unbelievable! They … Continue reading


Last November, I took pictures with my new camera around the village, I visited the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History (aka Army Museum), I got to witness the gathering of City Giants and I was able to marvel at the nature in our garden on a beautiful frosty morning. Also, when … Continue reading

Never been more busy! (part 3)

Start of the last week! On Monday I had agreed to meet up with a friend who didn’t really know what to see in Brussels. She’s having a foreign friend over in a few weeks, so she wanted to know a thing or two to see and say in our capital. The same thing as … Continue reading

Never been more busy! (part 2)

Here’s the second part of this short series of stories of my busy days before leaving for Japan! Thursday it was time for my goddaughter’s (is that the correct word?!) birthday present. For her fourth birthday earlier this week, she got four experiences. One of them was going on a trip. Of course, she’s only … Continue reading