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The jetlag + dragging myself outside

I have/had a terrible jetlag! At least for me, it felt horrible, because I never really had a problem with it before. I think it’s because usually there’s at least one person awaiting my arrival, so that I have company the moment I arrive. That way I get distracted and can go to bed at … Continue reading


It’s been almost 2 years since my last long-distance trip and it felt as if it were the first time all over again. And not in a good way. Anyway! As usual, here the story of the trip itself, something most ‘traveler bloggers’ seem to not pay any attention to. So, the usual people came … Continue reading

Here we go again!

Whew, it’s been a while but I’m back (I hope!). 😅 Guess why? Adventure time! 😎 As I’m posting this, I should be on a plane somewhere between Brussels and Helsinki. 🛫 Just a short layover there, and I’m off to Seoul! For my family and friends in Belgium (or elsewhere in that timezone), BRU … Continue reading

A January in Seoul

In January of 2014 I went to Seoul for a month. I was offered a month of free tuition, free accommodation and free Japanese classes as compensation for my experiences at this school. One of the first days, I visited Namsan Tower (or N Seoul Tower, its modern name) with a classmate. Namsan Tower is … Continue reading

Trip naar Seoul – deel II

Het is even geleden sinds mijn laatste post, steek het op klierkoorts, een examen Frans en 10 dagen gevuld met buitenlandse vriendenbezoeken. Bij deze deel II van de trip naar Seoul, die ik met een Canadese vriendin deed. Waar eindigde mijn vorige post ook weer? Juist, we bezochten een kasteel, ik zag een oude vriendin … Continue reading

Trip to Seoul – part II

It’s been quite a while since my last post, blame it on glandular fever, a French exam and 10 days of foreign friend visits. Here’s part II of the trip to Seoul I did with my Canadian friend. Where did my previous post end? Oh right, we visited the castle, I met an old friend and … Continue reading

Trip naar Seoul – deel I

Nadat ik 5 weken taallessen volgde in Fukuoka en ik als WWOOF-er vrijwilligerswerk deed voor 3 weken in Ukiha, reisde ik met een vriendin van de taalschool. Onze eerste bestemming was Seoul, waar we 3 dagen verbleven. Onze reis startte een beetje pijnlijk, maar met de hulp van enkele vriendelijke locals was ons probleem snel opgelost. … Continue reading

Trip to Seoul – part I

After going to language school for 5 weeks in Fukuoka and volunteering as a WWOOF-er for 3 weeks in Ukiha, I traveled with a friend from language school. Our first destination was Seoul, where we would stay for 3 days. Our trip started a bit painful, but with the help of some kind locals our … Continue reading