BestFriend Center and introduction to Sinchon-dong

Important update! If you are interested in this school, please read my two posts about the problems I had with this school: here and here.

BestFriend Korean Language Center is situated in the Sinchon-dong (법정동, dong = neighbourhood), Seodaemun-gu (gu = district), Seoul. Here’s a map to see where Sinchon-dong is located. As you see, the school is near Ewha Womens University, which I referred to in earlier posts.

Here you see where Sinchon-dong is located within Seoul. (photo credit:

First, a map to illustrate the neighbourhood of Sinchon (click to enlarge).

Sinchon-dong. (photo credit: ?)

As the map shows, no less than four universities are in the vicinity of my school (which is located near Sinnara Records on the map) and another one which is not shown on the map (Myongji University). I suppose most of you don’t know, but Korean universities are enormous! I hereby refer to EatYourKimchi’s WANK on Ewha Womans University (it’s really fun, just watch ^^). It’s a very busy area and has lots of department stores, cinemas and shopping area’s, mainly for young people. Also hundreds of entertainment facilities can be found, such as bars, karaoke rooms (noraebang), PC-rooms, DVD rooms and much more, in the neon lighted streets of Sinchon-dong.

Sinchon Station is on line 2 of the Seoul Subway, between Ewha Womans University Station and Hong-ik University Station.

BestFriend Korean Language Center is located near Sinnara Records, as I said, and is in the same building as Pizza Hut, so if I don’t like Korean food, I don’t need to go far. 😉

Here’s the school, as you see it’s just on top of Pizza Hut! (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

They moved here not so long ago, so the interior is still new and fresh! Let’s see what it looks like!

First, the fifth floor:

I suppose it’s the reception desk and those things. (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

The Global Lounge:

On the left: by day, on the right: by night. (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

Here a bit of an idea of what Sinchon looks like. (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

This is the cafeteria:

Coffee, tea and fruit shakes. (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

Affordable drinks in the cafeteria (1000 won = 0,68 euros, 1200 won = 0,81 euros, 1500 won = 1,02 euros, 1700 won = 1,16 euros) (photo credit: BestFriend Center)

About the classes: I will take the ‘One Month Korean regular Course’ for 2 months.

The specifics:

  • class of 4-5 students (max. 8)
  • use of English is class (other schools persist on using Korean only, which make student uncomfortable to learn)
  • specialized class in ‘adjusting to life in Korea’, ‘passing entrance exam for college’, ‘preparing for a job’
  • 4 days a week
  • 3 hours a day
  • total of 48 hours a month
  • October course: October 8 – November 2, November course: November 5 – November 30

I will apply in July and once I know more, you’ll know more!


18 thoughts on “BestFriend Center and introduction to Sinchon-dong

  1. Hi Yooya,
    I think you should have finished the course by now. Would like to find out from you how was it??

    I came across some sites that recommended BestFriend Center, and would like to know more about the school/courses.

    Appreciate if you could share some experience, thanks lot!!!


    • Hi aeoise,
      I indeed finished the course, I even ended it a month earlier than planned. I think the way of teaching is more fit for Asians then for western people. It’s a lot of ‘repeat repeat’ and not ‘think for yourself’, so they don’t ask to really use the language or think about it. I’ve had some problems with the school, and I quit early. I don’t say it’s a bad school, but the management is! I would recommend to find your own accommodation, not the one from the school. Those the school provides are really expensive compared to the ones you could find on your own.
      You can read my posts ‘Best friend trouble’ (there are 2 posts) about my problems with the school.
      If you have any questions, just let me know! 😉


      • Thanks for sharing Yooya! I’ve read your subsequent posts about Best Friend 😛

        I’m trying to search for a few other alternatives for Korean language schools in Seoul as comparison. Do you have any suggestion? I’d also prefer a “fun & practical” learning method instead of “repeating & blindly memorizing”. Btw, does Best Friend cover Writing as well? or just purely Speaking?

        I wanted to find my own accommodation but not very sure how, as i don’t have any friends staying in Seoul. Was trying to search from some homestay websites but a little bit worry about its reliability. Some might look okay from the pics but end up that’s not the reality haha!

        Appreciate your kind advice! 🙂


      • You’re welcome! 😀
        Hmm I also found this school, the website looks fun, so maybe this would be a better option? BestFriend covers writing as well, the first week there is entirely focused on writing.
        For accommodation, do you only want homestay or would a dorm be good too? I have 2 friends in Seoul and they’re both living in rather cheap dorms, so I can ask them for help if you want.
        I think the photos of accommodation on the BestFriend website aren’t reliable either, as they look like ‘luxury places’ and in the end that’s not what you get.
        Don’t hesitate to ask more questions! 😉


  2. I recommend you to take this school
    1 and 2 weeks as 1:1 or group for summer or tour. You are in charge of the schedule. Also. there is 1 month regular course monthly at BestFriend center. They provide reasonable tuition fee and boarding fee. It’s a great school.

    There are friendly staffs and teachers. It makes study so interesting. I strongly recomecommend this place.


    • Oh really? Great! ^^ For the first month I’ll do the homestay, I don’t know yet where they live! 😦 The next months I’ll stay at a studio apartment. I think I’ll know more later this week! ^^ Do you know where you will stay?


      • What a fast responce haha…
        i have 2 options: goshiwon and hasukjib. Actually, i prefer hasukjib since there will be breakfast & dinner. Since i am in Asia, the cost of food in Seoul quite expensive for me. But finding hasukjib is so hard,i looked at wowroom website, but most of them even do not provide email.
        For goshiwon, there are so many in websites. but the room is super small and you can’t trust the pictures from website. But it’s so easy to contact them and asking these and these. Most of goshiwon provide free rice,noddles,kimchi.
        Studio must be expensive but i think that will not be a problem for you since you are from Europe 🙂
        What will you do on your free time? the lesson is only 3 hours a day ^^
        Have you learned Korean in Nederlands?


      • Hehe yeah it’s around noon and it’s summer vacation here, so I have lots and lots of free time to reply! 😀

        Oh but why don’t you ask BestFriend Center for accommodation? I think they can arrange almost any accommodation for you. ^^
        Yeah the studio apartment is less expensive than an apartment here so for me it’s affordable. But I wanted to like kind of independent so I choose an apartment. ^^
        There are so many things I want to see and do, so I hope I can experience Korea as much as possible in my free time! Do you have any plans to do when there’s no class?
        Well most of the time it’s in English, there are almost no Dutch resources for studying Korean. 😦


      • i did look at Q&A section on Best Friend’s website and they gave information about their studio. I forget the price, if i am not wrong it’s around 600-700.000 won. So it’s too expensive for me 🙂
        I think i will take look around vacation surround Seoul or study at Best Friend’s library ;p
        Ohh..i think you should bring DSLR camera..It’s autumn and the scenery must be sooo damn beautifulllll (this the reason i choose October)
        So you just learn Korean by yourself? I have been learning at Korean Cultural Center in my country. I am in intermediate 1 level right now but my Korean is still poor since it’s only 40 hours/level..


      • Oh I see 😀 Well I hope you find a solution soon! ^^
        That’s a great idea to do! Hehe
        I will, I will! I like photographing, and indeed autumn is really beautiful there! 😀 Oh hehe I have the same reason for starting in October! And I’ll stay until the cherry blossom season. 😉
        I’ve only learned Hangul and some basic sentences so far, I have not enough discipline to learn things by myself! 😦 Wow you’re lucky to have such thing! ^_^ I bet you’re great at Korean already!


    • Yes yes! Ik denk vooral veel sightseeing, maar ook wat studeren natuurlijk. Werken niet hè, want daar heb ik een visum voor nodig. 😉 En shoppen natuurlijk. :p Veel foto’s trekken ook! En ik heb ook alle namiddagen vrij hè, ‘t is maar 3u/dag les. ^^


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